About SBPG Company

A well-established Saudi Egyptian company existed since 2007 with a successful result, it has branches for cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, herbal, foot, and disposable products.
The company Has a medical marketing division including hospitals & polyclinics in Saudi Arabia ( marketing and insurance )

Our Vision

Our shared values drive our company's culture and priorities by providing a framework for making decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the practice of medicine with solutions that advance the science of healing, create economic value, and improve patients’ lives

Our Goals

We have helped many corporate and teams to optimize their business performance, maximize their growth initiatives and increase their profitability, through our quality business consulting and our interactive projects and products

Who Are We?

What We Do?

We help you help yourself Whether you are an employee or employer a job seeker or business owner, we know that you hold treasures within, and that you have unused capabilities and powers

We know that you are stronger than you look and smarter than you think

Our Strategy

• Dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.

• Relying on multilingual consultants who have international work experience coupled with in- depth cross-cultural and industry-specific knowledge of the region.

• Relying on a partner for each specialty to provide highly specialized technical knowledge between the West and Middle Eastern countries.

• Providing innovative and practical solutions to our valued clients, based on best practices and current research.

• We are strategic partners in building businesses by maximizing the value of human capital and aligning it with company initiatives, values, strategies and the needs of all stakeholders.

• To provide high quality, cost effective human capital consulting

services to all customers.

We have three guiding principles which are:

• Value-added

• Customer Service

• Integrity

Company Team

Standard Group Company has a strong management and team and a very high management in the field of medical marketing

Dr Osama Albably

Dr Osama Albably

CEO osama@sbpgroup.net
Mr Abdelaziz Kadasah

Mr Abdelaziz Kadasah

President aziz@sbpgroup.net
Mr Mohamed Ali

Mr Mohamed Ali

Accounting Manager info@sbpgroup.net
Dr Haithm Hakel

Dr Haithm Hakel

Executive manager hekal@sbpgroup.net