home healthcare

home healthcare

home healthcare

Tasks and services provided:

Providing medical care to patients in their homes according to the treatment plan, assessing the situation periodically, and directing team members to support patients and their families to deal with their patients in a way that achieves their recovery and preserves their dignity.

2 / Provide medical care periodically to patients according to their condition, such as:

Patients in need of palliative care.
Respiratory care patients, such as: lung failure - asthma - lung fibrosis - breathing disorders during sleep.
Diabetics such as: complications - diabetic foot - injections - tests
Hypertensive patients.
Patients with clinical ulcers and wounds.
I need medication intravenously.
In need of tube feeding.
Chronic heart disease.
Head injuries - strokes and the motor nervous system.

3 / Providing palliative care for cancer patients and advanced hopeless cases, relieving their pain and educating their families on how to deal with them.

4 / Providing support services for patients and their families, such as facilitating doctor visits, taking laboratory samples when necessary, and following up the presentation of their results to the doctor.

5 / Providing auxiliary devices according to sick cases, such as oxygen devices, chairs, medical beds, thermometers, blood pressure and sugar devices, some medical rehabilitation devices and medical supplies of frequent use.

6 / Providing support, attribution and health education services for the patient and his family, and providing them with pamphlets and health awareness pamphlets to improve nutritional and behavioral habits and raise the morale of patients to restore their health in a better way.

7 / Providing the department director with statistics and services provided to patients periodically and presenting the difficulties and solutions that help in avoiding those difficulties and any proposals for developing work.

8 / Any tasks assigned to the team in the area of competence.

Services provided :

1 / Medical consultations for specialists and consultants in all specialties.

2 / Nursing care at home (24 hours) for the patient.

3 / Palliative care.

4 / Respiratory therapy.

5 / Replacement of post-operative wounds, clinical ulcers, and diabetic foot care.

6 / Follow-up program for the treatment of diabetes, blood pressure, and heart complications.

7 / Health education.

8 / Tube feeding.

9 / urinary catheter.

10 / Physiotherapy.

12 / Psychosocial support.

13 / Speech sessions and treatment of language delay for children.

14 / Follow-up of nutritional programs through a nutritionist.

Target groups :

Patients with clinical ulcers - post-operative wounds and diabetic foot.
2- Chronic diseases 'Diabetics' (complications - injections - tests)
3- Patients with stress - heart diseases.
4- Respiratory care patients.

(Lung failure - asthma - lung fibrosis - disturbed breathing during sleep)

5 - People in need of feeding by tube stomach (NGT).

6- Those in need of nutrition and intravenous medication (I.V).

7 - Providing palliative care for cancer patients and advanced disease cases

And alleviate their pain and educate their families on how to deal with them.

8- Head injuries and the motor nervous system, including strokes and accidents

9 - Alzheimer's patients and bedridden.

10 - Children with special needs.

11 - Newborns.

12 - Care for pregnant women after childbirth.